Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean, South America is a continent situated entirely in the Western Hemisphere.

Home to the world's highest waterfall, the largest river (by volume), the longest mountain range, the driest desert, the largest rainforest, the highest railroad, the highest capital city and the world's southernmost town, South America is an adventure by its own.



Lima is the capital, the largest city and the financial center of Peru. The city slopes gently from the shores of the Pacific Ocean into valleys and mountains. In opposite to the regular walks this video was shot during a drive through Lima. See the streets of the city out of the windows of a local bus. Slums, known as pueblos jóvenes (young towns), pass by, while the board-radio plays loveley “sacrifies” by Elton John.(08/2007)



Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. There are 12.4 million people residing in the city and its residential zones. Our walk goes through Palermo Viejo, a neighborhood, or barrio of Buenos Aires, that is located in the northeast of the city. It reflects an older Spanish style in architecture, often "recycled" with modern elements. Such well-known figures as Jorge Luis Borges and Che Guevara once lived in this ward.(12/2007)


San Miguel de Tucumán is the largest city in north Argentina, with a population of 525,853. For decades, Tucumán has been, and still is one of the most outstanding cultural spots in the country. It’s a city of cafés, bars and nightlife. The walk starts in the centre of the city, the Plaza Independencia and strolls down the 25 de Mayo, a popular shopping street. Passing an pedestrian precinct, we return to Plaza Independencia.(12/2007)


Mendoza is a city in the west of Argentina. Even though the city is surrounded by desert, 80 % of the Argentinean wine is grown here. Outdoor cafes, tree-lined streets and avenues attest to the city's European heritage. Unique to Mendoza is the exposed stone ditches (canals) which run alongside the roads supplying water to the huge sycamores that provide most welcomed shadow in the incredible heat. Let’s walk down the Avenida Aristides Villanueva. (12/2007)