Berlin, 25. May 2010

After a little break we are back with tons of new videos. Throughout next weeks we present a bunch of new videos. First we start with a premiere of a continent. The first videos of Eurasia are online. enjoy three videos from Russia. All are from Moscow:

Moscow - By bus
Moscow - Red Square
Moscow (Street)

For video descriptions take a look here:

Videos - Eurasia


Berlin, 25. March 2010

Tired of wintertime? Take a little ride to the Seychelles

La Digue (Beach)
Mahe (nature)
Praslin (street and beach)

Enjoy the sound of the Indian Ocean.


Berlin, 25. February 2010

We come up with five new videos from Southern France and two from Colmar. If you dislike Christmas Markets don't watch

Noel a Colmar (Christmas Market)

..but rather this one..Colmar

From the Cote d'Azur region enjoy the following new videos

Saint Tropez
Cote d'Azur By Car

..and if you like tax heavens:

Monaco (Monte Carlo)
Monaco (Moneghetti)
Monaco - By Car

What's coming next? I don't know.


Berlin, 17. January 2010

Videos from Nice have been replaced by better videos

Nice Corniche

coming next: Monaco, Saint Tropez, Hyeres and Colmar.

regards, Oliver

Berlin, 22. December 2009

The second part of the Cuba Special is online. Enjoy videos from Santiago de Cuba:

Santiago de Cuba - Jose A Saco
Santiago de Cuba - City and Port

...from Baracao

Baracoa - El Yunque
Baracoa - By Car

..and finally from Trinidad:


As usual you find a little video description here:

Central America - Cuba

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Berlin, 19. November 2009

We start with our announced Cuba special. The first videos from Havana are online:

Havana - Vieja (Quarter)
Havana Vieja - Obispo
Havana - Centro


Havana - Taxi Ride

If you like vintage cars, we recommend the video Taxi Ride. If you wanna get in touch with an authentic Cuban street atmosphere in Havana, enjoy all the other videos. It's really rare footage actually. Coming next: Santiago de Cuba

Berlin, 06. November 2009

Before we start with the second special this year (Cuba!) we present three more videos form Berlin:

Berlin - Ostkreuz
Berlin - Warschauerbrücke


Berlin - Kottbusser Tor (Kreuzberg)

The point about the Kottbusser Tor is; it is a meeting point for junkies in Berlin - Kreuzberg, as you can see by your self at 0:35 Min and 03:26 Min. It is a wild spot and not few people avoid to be here around at night.

Berlin, 01. November 2009

The video from Vienna ahs been replaced by better footage:

Vienna City

Further two more videos from Vienna are online:

Vienna - Stephansplatz
Vienna - Michaelerplatz

Coming next.......Cuba!

Berlin, 24. October 2009

Two new videos from Hong Kong:

Hong Kong
Hong Kong - Boat Tour

are online. The video "Boat Tour" is special and recommanded to watch. Further two more videos are online:

Morocco - Rabat
Romania - Countryside

A big Thank You goes to Jan Schmidt Burbach for the footage.

Berlin, 09. October 2009

The video collection from Prague has been replaced and extended by new videos in an outstanding quality! Enjoy three new videos and a "new" old one:

Prague - Charles Bridge (Karluv most)
Prague - Old Town Square (Staromestské námestí)
Prague - Wensceslas Square (Václavské námestí)

Further the video from Weimar has been replaced and a new video from Germany (Weissenfels) is online:


The point about Weissenfels is, that it lost 25% of its residents during the last 20 years (1990-2009) and is one of the examples about the outmigration from East Germany to other parts of Germany or Europe. As you might notice you’ll find hardly anyone on the street, though this video has been shot at 1pm on a Saturday in summer!

Berlin, 03. October 2009

Keen to watch videos from the Canary Island? Here we go with 4 videos from La Palma:

Santa Cruz de La Palma
La Palma - Caldera de Taburiente
La Palma - Volcano Landscape
La Palma - By Car

Berlin, 28. September 2009

According to the increased quality of some videos, we will start to replace some old videos. As first we start in Berlin with a little edition made by Daniel Kolle. All videos from Berlin are in 16:9.

Berlin - Alexanderplatz
Berlin - Prenzlauerberg
Berlin - Pariser Platz
Berlin - Hackescher Markt
Berlin - Holocaust Memorial

Fusion Festival / Lärz

If you`ve never been to a techno festival we highly recommend you the video Fusion Festival. The footage is rare based on the point that any kind of journalism is undesired.

Berlin, 16. August 2009

All high quality videos are available as fullscreenplayer now. Just click the symbol on the right bottom side to enlarge the video to fullscreen. Additionally are those videos uploaded in full stereo mp3 quality. Enjoy this new feature on WalkOnEarth to immerse yourself into the street atmospheres in a better way.


Berlin, 04. July 2009

The last videos from Syria...

Aleppo - Citadel
Aleppo - Downtown
Aleppo - Bab Antakya Hama - Downtown
Hama - Old Town

Feedback is welcome!

Berlin, 04. June 2009

Beirut (Lebanon)... online. For sure Beirut is one of the most stigmatised cities in the Middle East. The association with the name Beirut is often war, radical Islamic religious movements and destroyed streets and buildings. And well, yeah, for some areas it is true as for instance in Beirut Basta where I had to stop to film because stones have been shy towards me. For your information, Basta is the home of the Hezbollha. The quality is a little bit low because it was about to get dark.

On the other hand areas like Beirut Hamra or Beirut Downtown as well as Beirut Corniche and Beirut Gemmayzeh draw a different picture. Beirut as a peaceful, modern and renovated city, known as the Paris of the Middle East.

As a little evidence of the open mind of Beirut students watch the video made on the campus of the Beirut American University of Beirut where you pass flyers announcing a discussion about secularisation.

Beside some videos from Aleppo, Hama & Lattakia (Syria) so far the Middle East special is online. What's coming next: Sweden, Hong Kong, Morocco and for sure the mentioned videos from Syria...

Enjoy your self,

Oliver Tropschug  

Berlin, 16. May 2009

Welcome to Damascus (Syria)!

So far, Damascus, is now the most differentiated city on WalkOnEarth. All in all eleven videos are online now from Damascus. Beside the usally varieties of every city, Damascus has a little special position because of it's tourist sights and it's religious and politcal characteristics.

For instance, the Umayyad Mosque is Syrias most significant religious structure and because of the shrine of Hussein an essential place for Shiite Muslime too. Another interesting mosque is the shiite Sayyida Rugayya Mosque builded by the Iranians and designed very much in the modern Persian style.

Usually tourist visit the Damascus - Souq or the Damascus - Christian Quarter but just few or rather nobody enters the Damascus - Old City at the back side of the Mosque of Sinan where day-taler wait to get a job.

Very interesting videos come from Damascus - Syyida Zeinab an area where Iraqi refugees have their home. Walk through the Syyida Zeinab - Living Area or just sit down at the Syyida Zeinab - Market and let Shiits and Iraqi people pass by.

Other videos from Damascus are:

Damascus - Downtown
Damascus - by Taxi
Damascus - Business District

Coming next: Beirut (Lebanon)!

so long,

Oliver Tropschug  

Berlin, 23. April 2009

Have you ever been to Petra (Jordan)? If not, here is your chance to explore the ancient city build by the Nabataeans around 2000 years ago.

Enter Petra through the Petra - Siq which is often narrows to about 5m and the walls tower up to 200m overhead.

The moment I falled in love with Petra was as I've seen the Petra - Treasury The Treasury is an impressive construction where usally visitors spend time just to enjoy the atmosphere in the morning light. This video is highly recommended to watch!

Another feast for the eyes is the Petra - Monastery. It takes around 45 Minutes to climb to the Monastery what just few visitors do.

Beside the Treasury and Monastery are the Petra - Royal Tombs an attraction in Petra. Apart from the Royal Tombs the videos shows at the beginning the Theatre with a seating area made for 3000 spectators.

What else is now online from Jordan?

Wadi - Musa
Desert - Highway

See you in Damascus!


Oliver Tropschug  

Berlin, 8. April 2009

As announced the first videos from Jordan are online now. We start in Amman with five videos. I have to admit that I was quite nervous to film in the Middle East. Though I used a kind of selfmade steadicam system the initial records are still a little bit wiggly, but anyway much better as I expected.

The first video has been shoot on the top of the highest hill in Amman (Jebel al-Qala'a). There is the Amman - Citadel located and during the high season it is the tourist spot number one. My favourite video is Amman - Downtown followed by Amman - At Night. Both clips fully reach the goal to capture an authentic atmosphere of Amman. Another video from Downtown is Amman - Hashemi Street. But apart of the downtown area Amman has wealthy areas too. One of them is called Amman - Abdoun, where you go by taxi to explore an other side of Amman.

After Amman, I traveled to the South of Jordan to film in Aqaba. Aqaba is located by the Red Sea and the only resort of Jordan. What Aqaba is supposed to become in the near future is in the Aqaba - Northern Part abundantly clear to observe. One five star hotel next to the other. On the other side, Aqaba - Corniche offers an access to the sea for everyone and some of them sit down, relax, look at the sea and smoke a shisha (at the end of the video!).

You find all videos with a little introduction in the Middle East Section.

The next station is Petra (Jordan).


Oliver Tropschug  

Berlin, 27. March 2009

We present our Middle East Special within next few weeks. This Special is based on a journey through the Middle East region with the objective to shoot videos for WalkOnEarth.

Altogether I spend there 5 weeks. So far, I can say that WalkOnEarth as art and culture project obtains a new stage of quality. The majority of videos have been shoot with a selfmade steadicam system and hence the videos are much less wiggly than so far, but still filmed in a hidden position to capture authenthic atmospheres of the daily street life. I will implement a videoplayer with fullscreenoption for the best videos making it possible for you as viewer to dive depp into the atmospheres of Middle East cities.

You're invited to watch about 25 videos from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Libanon coming up step by step in the next weeks.

We start in Istanbul with 4 videos. Unfortunatly, the rain crossed my plans and just two videos could be made on cloudy days:

Istanbul - Sulthanahmet (experience how religion is part of the daily "street-life")
Istanbul - Galata Bridge

However, before I moved to Jordan I decided to film indoor:

Istanbul - Grand Bazaar
Istanbul - Spice Bazaar

For a little introduction for every video go first to Middle East and then click on "Start Video".

The next station is Amman (Jordan). Till then...

Oliver Tropschug  

Berlin, 28. January 2009

We start with seven new videos into 2009!

Enjoy videos from:

Asia :

Dhaka (Shakharibazar)
Dhaka (Rickshaw)

Europe :

Berlin Flea Market
Kosice (Slovakia)
Kiev (Ukraine)
Uzhhorod (Ukraine)

North America :


Thank you to the authors for the footage.

You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 15. December 2008

We proudly present a video from Antarctica :


The video goes around the cost near a research station and shows the beautiful untouched nature. You'll discover blue iceberg-creatures surrounded by the silence of the Antarctic Ocean. Furthermore, the video shows the real residents of Antarctica, the penguins.

You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 29. November 2008

Our video collection from Europe has been enriched by 4 videos from France:

Paris "Saint Lazare"
Paris "Seine"

We appreciate the footage made by Jean Huber, Daniel Kolle, Rene Luzon and Anja Ibsezic. She walked with a camera through Ljubljana in Slovenia.


You and me, we Walk On Earth.  

Berlin, 16. October 2008

We proudly present Croatia with 4 new videos:

Zagreb "Donji Grad Ilicia"
Zagreb "Outskirts"

Lisa Junghans filmed in Czech a video walk Prague and introduced the Czech Republic on WalkOnEarth.


The videos from Croatia have been shot by Gregor Uzsbenic and Boris Zlencivc.

You and me, we Walk On Earth.  

Berlin, 27. August 2008

After a little summer break we are back with 13 new videos.

We proudly present a  Japan special with 9 videos from the “little” island. Chris Zippel was so kind to shot all the videos and let me tell you that all 9 are worth to watch.

Marco Ferrarini filmed in Zambia a video walk through the Chikuni Mission. In general we just set uncommented videos online, but in this case we have an exception. Watch the video and you see why:

Bianca Becker had the chance to make some footage in Bucharest-Romania and Daniel Kolle  provided us a video from Italy. The beautiful city Verona extends the video collection from Italy and belongs to the “World Heritage Site”. You find them here: You and me, we Walk On Earth.  

Berlin, 18. June 2008

We present the first video from the Netherlands. Furthermore we present the first videos from Paris and Copenhagen.
Amsterdamis the capital and as well the largest city of the Netherlands. As you will see in the video, it certainly is the centre of bicycle culture. Join the  video-walk crossing the “city of canals”, which has the reputation of being a relaxed area. The second video from Amsterdam has been shot in the red-light district. The small alleys contain several hundred tiny one-room apartments of prostitutes who offer their services from behind a window under red light.

Paris is the capital of France. Walk the famous streets of Montmartre, pass markets, the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur and the cathedral Nôtre Dame in the end.

One of the videos from Copenhagen recorded a ride in the Metro of Copenhagen, Denmark. The trains are driverless and fully automatic. The front of these futuristic looking trains are made of glass, a perfect place for our camera to catch the spacy view into the bowels of Copenhagen.

See all those new videos here:

We thank Frank Schultz, Juliane Gregori and Janine Lenk for sending us the footage. You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 12. May 2008

We could extend our video collection from Serbia.

We have a second video from Belgrad now. Watch out, the NATO bombing during the Kosovo War in 1999 caused substantial damage to some buildings in the city, that are still visible in this video-walk. Another video shows the little town Zrenjanin. It is situated in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, northeast of Belgrade.

A very impressing video is from the region Vojdvodina. More than 26 ethnic groups life in the region. Jump into our car! This small road movie takes you along ordinary highways through a misty landscape and time by time, a lonely village of the Vojvodina.

We thank Jan Schmidt-Burbachfor the videos. You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 21. April 2008

We are very proud to present the first video from Africa.

Khartoum is the second-largest city of Sudan with the highest concentration of economic activity in the country. However, only few streets are paved, the city is very poor, beside some exclusive areas. See this short, but intense video, showing the daily street life. We thank Tayheb Elhadifor this clip... You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 08. April 2008

The announced Germany Special is online. Enjoy 6 new videos from Germany:

The new ones are from:

Tübingen (filmed by Christian Ullrich)
Kühlungsborn (filmed by Henriette Altenburger)
Würzburg (filmed by Daniel Kolle)
Wismar (filmed by Henriette Altenburger)
Weimar(filmed by Daniel Schäfer)
Warnemünde (filmed by Oliver Tropschug)

New video category on WalkOnEarth!

to watch the first movie in this category. Enjoy a walk on the "MS Deutschland". The MS Deutschland is a German-owned cruise ship. She carries 513 passengers around the globe, visiting over 200 ports across the seven seas. Pass spacious stairways with imperial décor, the pool and all the luxury in an Old World ambiance on this modern ocean liner. This exceptional video has been shot by Peter Franzek.
We thank all authors !!! You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 10. March 2008

The first videos from the Middle-East are online.
Click... watch a video from Dubai.

The first video shows the amazing constructions site of Dubai and allows a look on the not yet finished skyscraper “Burj Arab”. The second video shows a typically shopping centre equipped with a snow hall for skiing including a ski lift!!! Remember,  Dubai is located in the middle of the Desert.

New Videos from Asia...

Another very interesting walk footage from Mumbai (Bombay) showing the business district and the neighbouring area. If you dont want to walk enjoy a taxi ride through the streets of Mumbai. Another footage from India presents the city Kochi - a middle big city on the south west cost of Kerala.

A new country of Asia has been introduced. The first videos from Sri Lanka are online. You can watch two videos from Colombo. This city has recently been in trouble according to bloody clashes between the Tamil and the government. Enjoy a walk through a place you might never travel to. For all this videos we would like to thank Peter Franzek. You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 18. February 2008

We proudly present the first videos from South America.Click... watch a video from Lima/Peru.

In opposite to the regular walks this video was shot during a drive through Lima. See the streets of the city out of the windows of a local bus. Slums, known as pueblos jóvenes (young towns), pass by, while the board-radio plays loveley “sacrifies” by Elton John. We thank Nora Gerstenberg for the footage. Beside Peru, we received three videos from Argentina. Markus Ellmer shot a video in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and San Miguel de Tucumanfor us. Enjoy the first walks through South America on WalkOnEarth.
You and me, we Walk On Earth.

Berlin, 20. December 2007

Enjoy a walk on the Stargarderstr. in Berlin/Prenzlauerberg. This video shows the beautiful colored tress in autumn. Durring the walk you can see how a film team is preparing to shot a scene. (8,20Min)

Berlin, 19. November 2007

The first videos from France are online. The beautiful city Nice is located in the south of France and is famous for its mediterranean climate. Click the following link to watch the videos from Nice:

Both videos have been shot by Peter Franzek. We thank him for his contribution.

Berlin, 25. October 2007

The video collection has been extended by three new videos. Two new videos are from Europe and introduce the countries Austria and Serbia/Montenegro. In order to watch the video from Vienna or Belgrade click the following link:

Another video or better speaking teaser clip is from Mongolia. This short clip has already been shot in 2004 and shows a little impression about the street life of Ulaanbaatar. To watch the video from Ulaanbaatar click the following link:

Our best regards goes to Juliane Adam and Sebastian Meltern for their videos from Belgrade (Serbia/Montenegro) and Vienna (Austria) as well as to Imke Tschentke for the clip from Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia).

Berlin, 20. October 2007

After 4 weeks of testing the website for technical issues, we can proudly announce, that all videos run stable and with the desired quality. Thank you very much to everyone who has written comments and/or given suggestions to help us improve the website. We revised the world map as well as many spelling mistakes. Furthermore we corrected layout errors. We appreciate your feedback and hope that you will continue telling us what you think about this website, what we can improve or what is missing.

Berlin, 20. September 2007

The newsletter tool has been activated today. You can sign up now for our newsletter. You will receive a periodical update about new videos and features on WalkOnEarth.

Berlin, 19. September 2007

Today, we proudly announce the release of the beta version of The idea for this website was born in 2005 in New York. Many thanks to all people who helped realising this cultural online project .

A special Thank you goes to Thomas Dupont ( who is responsible for the design and the programming of WalkOnEarth.

Furthermore, I want to thank all authors who provided WalkOnEarth with the first 16 videos. They have been shot in very interesting cities/places all around the world and provide the start up content for this page. This beta version of has the objective to function as testversion regarding technical issues until the 1.November 2007.

The project needs your feedback and suggestions in order to continue and to grow. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Oliver Tropschug, Founder of

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