This historical and political region of Africa-Eurasia includes countries or regions in Southwest Asia and parts of North Africa.

Throughout its history the Middle East has been a major centre of world affairs. In modern times, the Middle East remains a strategically, economically, politically, culturally, and religiously sensitive region.

Join our walks through the hot dry climate.


AMMAN - Citadel

Looking for an overview of Amman? Here we go, you walk up the highest hill in Amman (Jebel al-Qala'a) to enter the area of the so called Citadel. After some steps you're invited to enjoy the view towards the Roman Theatre. Before you enter the Umayyad Palace (at 5:10 Min) of the Citadel, you see the Jordanian Flag as the world largest freestanding flagpole (127m high). (02/2009)

AMMAN - Downtown

Compared to other cities, downtown means in Amman "old city". At the beginning, you cross the Hashemi St. to enter the vegetable market, where it takes some minutes to walk through the crowd. This part distinguishes itself by sound and atmosphere. Shortly after (5:27 Min) you pass the King Hussein Mosque and walk down the busy Al Malek Faisal St. We recommend to watch this video more than once! (02/2009)

AMMAN - Abdoun (Taxi Ride)

Abdoun is the area of the upper class residents. Actually, a walk would require plenty of time and above all you would meet nobody. But stay cool, you catch a taxi to Abdoun. The ride starts in downtown and stops the first time at the Abdoun circle (2:28Min). Your next cab will pass some five stars hotels and turns into the Al-Qahira St. where you see the villas of Amman. Your ride ends at the construction site of the 35 storey high Royal Metropolis Towers. (02/2009)

AMMAN - Hashemi St.

Just imagine you're looking for a rooftop restaurant in Amman Downtown. To find one, you walk down on both sides of the Hashemi St. But be careful with crossing the streets and don't get distracted by the busy street life. Finally your video-walk leads you inside a house where you go up to a restaurant. Your walk end with a great view over the street with the King Hussein Mosque in the background. (02/2009)

AMMAN - At Night

Upfront please note that the video quality is not as good as by daytime. But the twilight, the dusty air in composition with the calling Muezzin creates an atmosphere worth to experience (at 2:10 Min). This video-walk takes you along the Quraysh St. in Downtown. You'll pass a bus stop to enter the Al Malek Talal St. where you visit a fruit market at night. Again, it is highly recommendable to watch. (02/2009)

AQABA - Northern Part

Aqaba is the beach resort of Jordan. According to the construction sites (at 4:16 Min), Agaba has big plans for the future. The video walk starts slowly on the Raghadan St. Then you go along the King Hussein St. to see five stars hotels as the M÷venpick. Unfortunately Aqaba itself has no more a public beach though you can use for a fee one of the Resort beaches. At the end of your walk you take a view on those. (02/2009)

AQABA - Corniche

The southern area of Aqaba is marked by a huge flagpole and ships waiting to unload their cargo. You walk down the small Corniche where merchants offers souvenirs and trash. Surrounded by romantic music you enjoy the view on the Red Sea before you continue to walk towards the flagpole. Finally, you relax in one of the "beach restaurants" to smoke a shisha by sunset. And yea, we didn't put music in the video at 0:24 Min. (02/2009)


Madaba is the Christian centre in Jordan and know for its Byzantine era mosaics. This little city has been an example for religious tolerance in Jordan. The video starts at the St George Church and leads you through the streets of Madaba. At the end you enter the courtyard of the Latin Patriarchate High School for Girls, where you meet the princess of Madaba after a walk around inside the church. (02/2009)


When ever you go to Jordan, never miss Petra. To enter the former Nabataeans capital you video-walk through the Siq which is often narrows to about 5m and the walls tower up to 200m overhead. The video shows the original channels cut into the walls to bring water into Petra. You'll walk along the canyon - a magical introduction to the ancient city. (02/2009)

PETRA - Treasury (Al-Khazneh)

Draw a deep breath. This video shows you the main attraction - the Treasury of Petra. Usually this is the spot when visitors fall in love with Petra. The date of construction range between 100 BC and AD 200. You're even invited to take a lock inside the Treasury before you pass some camels and tourist to see tombs made into walls. Enjoy this special place and atmosphere in the morning light of Jordan. (02/2009)

PETRA - Royal Tombs

You want to explore Petra? Continue with your next video-walk to the Royal Tombs. At first you climb up to get an overview towards the Royal Tombs and the Theatre of Petra. Then you walk to the Theatre to get a closer look on the seating area made for 3000 spectators. Finally your video-walk leads you to the Royal Tombs where you get a close look on them including a little walk around inside the Silk Tomb. (02/2009)

PETRA - Monastery (Al-Deir)

Beside the Treasury in Petra, the Monastery is just as impressive. It takes around 45 Minutes to climb to the Monastery but as the video shows it's worth. With 50m wide and 45m high it is even bigger than the Treasury. After a longer view on the Monastery you continue your video-walk to one of the viewpoints. But be quite, some people might sleep! After a great view you video-walk back to the Monastery to take a look inside. (02/2009)


Whoever wants to visit Petra is supposed to stay in Wadi Musa. A little village located 3km away from Petra gate. You video-walk goes up to the Shaheed roundabout on a sunny morning while people hold down a job, while others prefer to relax and let the time pass by. Some even just welcome you! (02/2009)

WADI MUSA - Desert Highway by Bus

You want to see some landscape from Jordan? Here we go. You take a local mini-bus in Wadi Musa to go to Amman via Udruh. The bus driver ask by honking like crazy to catch more passengers before taking the desert highway. Your luck, you've got a seat on the right side to enjoy the desert view while the bus gets ahead of some trucks. (02/2009)


BEIRUT - Hamra

The district Hamra is located in the western part of Beirut. Hamra is home of Beirut's three universities and was during the civil one of the intellectual centre of Libanon. Nowadays Hamra host many Hotels, Shops and Restaurants. You video walk down the Rue Hamra to the Rue Sadat. (03/2009)

BEIRUT - American University of Beriut (AUB)

The American University of Beirut is one of the famous educational institutes of the Middle East. The campus spread over 28 hectares including an large indoor pool, tennis courts and sports fields. You video walk from the courtyard at the entrance at the Rue Bliss to the western part of the AUB. Say hello to young students and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the AUB. (03/2009)

BEIRUT - Corniche

Unfortunately this video has been shot in winter time and not many people walk around. Anyway, it's obvious what the Corniche is supposed to be in the near future. Luxury apartments one next to the other. Walk along the waterfront area of Beirut and pass by some fisherman's. (03/2009)

BEIRUT - Central District (Downtown)

Beirut - Downtown has nearly been complete destroyed during the civil war in the 1980th. Buildings get renovated or replaced by new buildings, though some claim that the former soul of the Paris of the Middle East has been lost for ever. You start on the Rue Foch to pass the Place d'Etoile and stop at the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque. (03/2009)

BEIRUT - Gemmayzeh

Beirut is famous for its nightlife around the world. Gemmayzeh didn't suffer as much as downtown during the civil it's got a satisfyingly authentic feel. Especially after sunset you find here the bars and restaurants where the in-crowd is making party all the night long. You video walk along the Rue Gouraud at daytime. (03/2009)

BEIRUT - Basta

When ever you go to Beirut, never take pictures in Basta. Basta is located in the southern part of Beirut and is the home of the Hezbollah. This video shows you just two streets of Basta because filming had to be stopped after some stones had been shy to the cameraman. Walk and see destroyed houses as witnesses of the civil war and the recent conflicts with Israel. (03/2009)


ALEPPO - Citadel

align="justify"> The Citadel is Aleppo's most famous and most spectacular landmark. The Citadel served as a power base for the Muslims during the 12th- century. You enter the Citadel by the stepped bridge on the south side to get an overview inside of the Citadel. Walk around and enjoy this historical place and atmosphere. Please, don't forget to say "Hello" to everyone! (03/2009)

ALEPPO - Downtown

Aleppo vies with Damascus for the title of the world's oldest continually inhabited city. With a population of around 2 Mio it takes time to explore this city. Your video-walk starts at the clock tower and leads you along the recently opened Sheraton Hotel next to the Bab al-Faraj. You continue your walk to the al-Qwuatli street where shops, cafes and agencies attracts the crowd. (03/2009)

ALEPPO - Sh Bab Antakya

The Sh Bab-Antakya connects the city with the citadel of Aleppo. While the majority of tourist take the air-condition 5 star bus, you walk the distance of around one km and it is worth! Be part of the authentic Syrian street life where preindustrial shoemakers and vendors run their business. (03/2009)

DAMASCUS - Central (Downtown)

Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The current population is estimated about 2,5 Mio to 4 Mio residents. Your video-walk starts at the west side of the old city and leads you to the souq Saroujah along the ath-Thawra street, Damascus downtown. Enjoy the street life of one of the most exciting cities in the middle east. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Umayyad Mosque

The Umayyad Mosque is one of the largest and oldest mosques of the world. You enter the mosque from western gate (Bab al-Barid) to video-walk around the courtyard. Then you enter the prayer hall along the shrine of John the Baptist and the Dome of Eagle (at 5:00 Min). At the end of your walk you go inside the shrine of Hussein which attracts large numbers of Shiite Muslims. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Souq (al-Hamidiyya)

The Souq al Hamidiyya is the heart of the Old City of Damascus. The covered market leads you to the centre of the old city and is famous for its thousands shops and stores. You'll spot the western temple gate (at 1:09 Min) to continue your walk through the narrow side streets and the different Khan's of the Damascus Souq. (02/2009)


This video goes around the southern part of the Old City. It's a little bit special, because it starts at a spot usually ignored by tourists. At the beginning of your video-walk you go around at the back side of the Mosque of Sinan where day-taler wait to get hired for a job. At 4:18 Min you enter the Old City with its quiet streets and old architecture buildings. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Christian Quarter (Old City)

The Christian Quarter is located in the northeastern part of the Old City. You video-walk goes around inside the Bab-Touma neighbourhood. The point is, while you walk through the narrow streets, the day becomes finally relaxed for students of the local primary school. Walk around the quarter and be surrounded by happy kids taking their way home from school. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Sayyida Rugayya Mosque (Old City)

Just to the north of the Umayyad Mosque you find the Sayyida Rugayya Mosque. The mosque has been build in the mid of the 1980th by the Iranians and is very much in a Persian style. Fortunately it was uncomplicated to film inside the Shiite Mosque. You video-walk through the courtyard inside the beautiful prayer hall with mirror mosaics. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Sayyida Zeinab

Well, imagine you'll visit Damascus, would you take a trip to one of the outskirts of Damascus? I guess not. The Sayyida Zeinab district is special because it is home of the splendid Iranian-built Sayyida Zeinab Mosque and home to most of the city's Iraqi refugees. You walk around on the bigger streets and if you want to continue, watch the video "Living area" to get a closer look inside the circumstances of Iraqi refugees. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Sayyida Zeinab (Market)

In this video you don't walk. You just take a seat to have a tee and to observe the street on a little market junction in Sayyida Zeinab. Let the people pass by and enjoy your self in an undiscovered position. It's not about filming in a hidden position it's more about that foreigners usually attract the attention because they rarely visit this area of Damascus. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Sayyida Zeinab (Living Area)

Beside the larger streets Sayyida Zeinab consist of smaller lanes and streets. The area is best described as development area and very different to the downtown or the old city part of Damascus. Enjoy the friendly Iraqi residents and if you've got strong nerves be a witness (at 7:00 Min) of a "natural" donation for God at the end of the video. (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - by Taxi

The traffic in Syria has a special reputation in the middle east. Something like road painting exists but is well ignored by drivers. You catch a taxi to go from Sayyida Zeinab back to Damascus Downtown. By the way, your taxi is a old Russian construction called "Lada". (02/2009)

DAMASCUS - Business District (Saahat Yousef al-Azmeh)

The Saahat Yousef al-Azmeh is the modern city centre of Damascus. There are the few commercial banks and some luxury stores of Damascus located. The video starts at the Cham Palace and goes around the Saahat Yousef al-Azmeh circle down along the Bur Said street. (02/2009)

HAMA - Downtown

align="justify"> Hama has a population of 459.000 residents. Some guidebooks call Hama as one of Syria's most attractive towns because of the peaceful atmosphere. Discover the street life of Hama by walking through the streets of Hama Downtown (Sh Shoukri al Quwatli). (03/2009)

HAMA - Old Town

Most of the Hama Old Town was destroyed in the 1982 bombardment, one of the darkest events of modern Syrian history. Your video-walk starts with a closer look to one of the water wheels (norias) at the west bank of the Orontes River. Further you walk through the remnant of the Old Town which amounts to just one alley for a few hundred metres. (03/2009)


Lattakia is one of the wealthies and least conservative cities in Syria. Its comperative liberalism and wealth aside, Lattakia has no real attractions, however it is a great place to enjoy the Mediterranean wind during summertime. Your walk starts at the coast and goes the city of Lattakia. (03/2009)


ISTANBUL - Grand Bazaar (Kapali ăarsi)

The Grand Bazaar is famous for its several kilometres of lanes with over 4000 shops, restaurants, banks, mosques and workshops. You enter the bazaar through the south main gate to cross the huge Kalpakšilar Cad. Enjoy your video-walk along the narrow alleys where gold, silver and any possible product is offered. Your luck, it's off-season, shopkeepers are unusually relaxed and lanes are not too crowded. (02/2009)

ISTANBUL - Sultanahmet

Sultanahmet ( Old Istanbul) is the area where travellers usually stay in Istanbul. Designated as Unesco World Heritage site, many sights are located here. For instance, you'll see the famous Blue Mosque in the background (at 01:50 Min) on your walk down the Divan Yolu Cad. But fare better, as a little impression how religion is part of daily life, you can hear the Muezzin calling to prayer throughout the video-walk. (02/2009)

ISTANBUL - Galata Bridge

The bridge is well known for the great view on the mosques atop the seven hills at sunset and its restaurant underneath. The video starts at the tram and ferry station "Emin÷nŘ". You walk your way on the bridge to Beyogul to pass hopeful anglers trailing their lines into the water below. The walk stops several times to take a view over the Hališ and Bosphorus, where busy ferries cruise. (02/2009)

ISTANBUL - Spice Bazaar

This video shows you the public life in and around the Spice Bazaar. You walk down the Sabuncuhani Sk where locals go shopping for the daily needs. After three minutes walk, you enter the bazaar and walk through the paradise of spices. You pass the market from east to west and finally you get back to the daylight in front of the Yeni Camii Mosque, where people feed doves. (02/2009)



Dubai is the  main city of the emirate Dubai and one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. It is located  on the eastern Arabian Peninsula. This Video was taken out of a local bus window. See the $3.89 billion Dubai Metro project under construction. Drive along the 2 km² development area called 'Downtown Dubai' and see the unique mass-birth of sparkling skyscrapers like the Burj Dubai, which is predicted to be the tallest man-made structure in the world. (12/2007)

DUBAI - Mall of the Emirates

Dubai lies directly within the Arabian Desert. Walk with us through the largest shopping mall outside of North America, the ‘Mall of the Emirates’ with 200 shops, cinemas and bars, which are even licensed to serve alcohol. In the beginning and the End of the video you see the world's largest indoor ski slope, a 280-foot ice-capped mountain (in the desert where temperatures reach 120 degrees!!!). There's a lodge, lifts, and evergreens … enjoy! (12/2007)