Geographical speaking, Eurasia comprises the traditional continents of Europe and Asia, as they are part of one huge tectonic plate.
In our terms Eurasia is the wide landmass covering the territories of Russia and Central-Asia.

See what is going on, in the streets of the former Soviet Union, get an insight of this world-region with more than 200 different ethnic groups and indigenous people.


Moscow By Bus

Moscow consist of 123 so called Rajons (county) and ten districts. With a population of more than 10 Million residents, Moscow is the main economic and culture centre of Russia. In this video you go by bus through on of the outskirts of Moscow. Unfortunately the window is blue-green coloured, anyway as you might see - it’s wintertime in Russia. (02/2010)

Moscow - Red Square

The Red Square is the first destination for tourist visiting Moscow. The Red Square is one of the most familiar place in the world and is often considered the central square of Moscow and all of Russia. At the beginning you walk through the Voskresensky (Resurrection) Gate. At 2:05 Min you pass the Lenin's Mausoleum with wall of the Kremlin and the former Soviet Parliament building behind. Drastwutje! (02/2010)

Moscow - Streets

Apart of all the fancy tourist areas of Moscow, just few foreigners visit the “normal” streets of Moscow. In this video you walk along some of this streets. At 01:50 Min you reach a market where the Russian buy their daily stuff. Unfortunately this record is just short because the police stopped the cameraman. So, this video is edited by fragments of the streets of Moscow where filming was possible at all. (02/2010)