objective of "WalkOnEarth" is to collect and present videos from around the world based on a pedestrian's perspective. On this site you have the chance to breath foreign street atmospheres. The idea is to provide an insight to places where you maybe never would travel to. The approach is to present an audio-visual footage across all cultures and levels of society.

Intercultural approach

The chance to observe foreign cities, is considered to counteract prejudices and judgments between different cultures and/or foreign countries. The aim is to make people aware of foreign realities and arouse curiosity in foreign realities in the age of globalisation.

"WalkOnEarth" can be best described as an art and culture project, it has no political purpose or intention. People who are interested should be able to catch pure and authentic atmospheres without the accentuation of individuals and sightseeing spots. Furthermore, this project is considered to a documentation of the evolution of cities in the long term perspective.

Worldwide contribution

Everybody can take part in this project. In order to fulfil the ambition of WalkOnEarth, everyone is not only invited but very welcomed to extend this video collection. If you want to send us footage please bear in mind the objective to maintain the character of videos consistent as described under the -Join us- section. WalkOnEarth is for free to everyone. Despite running expenses, the placement of advertisements is not intended. The costs are privately funded by the founder of this project. If you want to support this idea with a donation or give your feedback please go to the -Contact- section.
You and Me, we WalkOnEarth.